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Let us set the scene!

Perhaps you're interested in adding a bit more intimacy and playfulness to your love life, but are seeking some inspiration. Or maybe you've read '50 Shades of Grey' and you're intrigued as to how you can use lovetoys in your love life. Or are you a gal with a few pleasure items in your wardrobe who's looking for her next favourite toy or info on what's trending now?

We're going to assume you love shopping and treating yourself to something nice, but we also know that often, buying lovetoys and finding out more about pleasure enhancers is not as easy or as fun as online shopping for clothes. Well don't worry, we're here to help!

Love and play

Loving yourself and enjoying your playful side with a lover should be amazing and satisfying. Doris Nyx is here to help you feel comfortable to try new things and embrace the different facets of who you are and what you like. Our name, 'Doris Nyx' represents the different facets we often have inside us. It is the combination of two ideas: Doris Day, the upbeat and wholesome gal next door and Nyx, the Greek goddess of the night.

What makes Doris Nyx so special

We Change

Shopping with us is different! Like a gallery Doris Nyx will completely re-invent itself every 4-6 weeks by taking on a new theme. We will inspire you with new products and articles that match the theme. The only thing that remains is our focus on great lovetoys and pleasure enhancers.

Great Quality

We carefully select quality love toys and enticing pleasure-enhancers.


We are not the “usual” sexshop on the Internet. We aim to surprise, enlighten and inspire you with our themes. There is something new to explore every couple of weeks. 

Based in Australia

Not only do we know what we like on this side of the globe, , all our products are guaranteed authentic, all our products are fulfilling local health and safety standards and toys come with the right charger.

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    We are there to help you

    Do you have any questions or ideas? Is there a blog post you would like to see? Advice you can't find? Do you want some recommendations for a specific occasion? Looking for a product review? What can we do to help you? What questions can we answer? Just select the support tab on the website or send an email to support@dorisnyx.com.au.

    We look forward to helping you explore your playfulness!

    The team at Doris Nyx