Best vibrators for couples

Uniquely designed to provide pleasure to both parties involved, couple vibrators are the perfect addition to any sensual partnership. Throw your concerns overboard as no vibrator will ever replace the loving partner, but they can add some spice and playfulness to your love life.

Finger vibrators and other stimulating toys

Add a playful element to your love making with finger vibrators or small stimulating vibrators like VI-BO. A simple tantalising way to stimulate your partner with endless possibilities - touch the mouth, the ears, the nipples... and then slowly move down the body to the even more sensitive areas.

Vibrating penis rings (also called love rings or cock rings)

Penis rings restrict the blood flow through the penis which results in extending the erection and sensitivity of the penis. Combined with a vibrating element penis ring like the Je Joue Mio provide fun for her as well as the clitoris is stimulated at the same time. The LELO Oden 2 even has a remote control with sense motion to give her that little bit of additional control while having fun...

C-shaped vibrators

Worn internally during intercourse vibrators such as the We-Vibe 4 or LELO Tiani 3 feature two arms. One end delivers clitoral stimulation while the other end massages the g-spot and his penis. One toy but fun for two!

Remote controlled vibrators

Though the LELO Lyla or Svakom Luna & Selene is worn internally by her, the remote control allows the partner to take control and feel the vibrations at the same time. As the vibrator cannot be seen and the control set to silent, going for a drink with your partner (and the vibe) has never been so exciting.

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