Keeping the passion alive.

Searching for passion in a long term relationship

It’s normal for passion to fade in a long term relationship... but it doesn’t need to stay that way. At some point in their relationship, most couples will experience challenges in their sex life. The most common problem will be that one partner desires sex a lot more regularly than another.

    1. It can leave both of you frustrated.
    2. It can make you feel like there’s no hope for your relationship.
    3. It can make you feel like your partner doesn’t really care for you.
    4. It can feel like everyone in the world is having great, regular sex... except you.

      I want to have an exciting sex life - but where do I start?

      You want your sex life exciting again, you want to be having sex more often, you want to feel close again... You’re just not sure where to start.

      Introducing lovetoys to add a bit more spice, dressing up in sensual lingerie to set the mood or using massage oils to get closer to each other is one option to add a bit more passion to your relationship.

      There’s more to a great sex life than just great sex

      Sometimes having a great sex life means working on other areas of the relationship too. For women especially, sexual desire is strongly tied to sexual confidence and emotional connection. That means it’s important to for women to feel close and connected to someone in order to want sex. It also means that they need to feel confident about their bodies and what to do when it comes to sex.

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