Films before football: sexy films worth watching

The World Cup is in full swing, pitting the finest football (soccer) teams against each other to see who will gain the final glory on 14 July. While many are glued to the matches streamed live from Brasil, some may wish for a different form of entertainment.

We've assembled a list of sizzling films featuring feisty female stars, from different countries competing for the gold trophy this winter, for you to seek out as an alternative to watching 22 men run around a pitch for 90 minutes. Enjoy!

Europe: a melting pot for sexy sassy movies

Spain - Jamon Jamon

Erotic desire and food are both explored in this comedy drama from Spain starring Javier Bardem, Jordi Molla and a wonderful Penelope Cruz in her first film role. The best of several steamy sex scenes commences between Cruz and her lover in a local bar, and ends up on top of a hill at sunset overlooking a highway.


France - .. And God Created Woman

Bridget Bardot's sex kitten persona was born with this French drama from 1956. She plays a highly sexual orphan who inspires passion in three men in Saint Tropez in the French Riviera. A casino owner and how two sons become entangled with the temptress, who lolls around nude and behaves coquettishly controversial.


The Americas: raunchy films from the cool North to the sizzling South

USA - Some Like it Hot

Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood's most sassily seductive actress, is on top form in this delightful movie. The prototype for Mad Men's Joan and Jessica Rabbit, her character Sugar is perpetually having her heart broken, while men queue up to make it better. Whether drunkenly staggering around or coquettishly singing in a see-through dress she mixes innocent young girl with world-weary experience and never fails to engage. 


BRASIL - Lower City

Lifelong friends Deco and Naldinho both fall for strip-dancer Karinna, threatening to shatter their friendship. These three complex and damaged characters embark on a journey together in a sexually intense film set in Salvador De Bahia's lower city. Alice Braga plays the woman at the centre of the love triangle in a breathtaking performance, displaying her sexuality, intelligence and strong sense of self.


Asia Pacific: sensuality with an exotic twist

JAPAN - In the Realm of the Senses

One of Japan's most sexually-intense movies of all time, this 1976 erotic film is based on a true story. A former prostitute strikes up an affair with the owner of a hotel and their mutual obsession, sexual experiments and indulgences reach an astonishing crescendo. 


Australia - Sirens

A sexually free-wheeling artist (Sam Neill) attracts the attention of the church, who, personified by a strait-laced Anglican clergyman (Hugh Grant) and his uptight wife (Tara Fitzgerald) intrude into the bohemian lifestyle of him and his trio of models/muses. The 'sirens', including Elle Macpherson and a pre-Ellen Portia de Rossi, spend much of the film frolicking in the nude. But this is not an exploitative flick at all, and the exploration of sexually permissive, althernative lifestyles is handled deftly by director John Duigan.


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