Culinary aphrodisiacs - food to stimulate the senses

Forget the roses, the way to someone's heart is definitely through their stomach, and we're not just talking about impressive wining and dining or home-cooked candle-lit dinners. According to folk wisdom, eating certain foods may curb your hunger, but they will also stimulate a very different kind of appetite. Indeed, ancient cultures as diverse as those in China, India, Greece and Rome believed that specific foods stimulated sensuality.

While the modern science surrounding culinary aphrodisiacs may be conflicted, here at Doris Nyx we can attest to some proven success with many of the items featured on this list. So let's explore the myths and legends behind sexy foodstuffs.

Oysters - The well-known aphrodisiac

Probably the most well-known aphrodisiac, the oyster should be suggestively slurped while raw and fresh. The famous 18th century lover Casanova was rumoured to eat 50 oysters for breakfast every day, and it certainly didn't do him any harm in the bedroom department! Scientists tell us that oysters contain rare amino acids which are proven to increase sex drive, so it's not just an old wives' tale. Grab yourself a dozen Sydney Rock Oysters and slurp away.

Avocadoes - Perfect food for foreplay

Are avos considered sexy because of their shape? Is it because they dangle from the tree suggestively in pairs or that they are femininely familiar when halved and stoned? Whatever the reason, they are rich in nutrients which are proven to stimulate the sexual organs: beta carotene, magnesium and vitamin E. Our favourite way of eating avos is by knocking up a delicious guacamole and grabbing a bag of corn chips. Perfect foreplay.

Chili Peppers - Spice up your meal .. and the bedroom

We all know what happens when we eat spicy food – our heart rate increases, we sweat, our pulse races, we feel hot... sound familiar? In fact, early Spanish explorers in Peru and Mexico were warned against eating the local chili peppers, as their effects 'provoked lustful thoughts'. Knock up a spicy meal for dinner and the spice is sure to follow you to the bedroom.

Figs - Female look-alike?

We eat with our eyes first, and a halved fig is said to resemble certain parts of a female anatomy, in texture as well as image. Whether or not you agree, the myths surrounding the sexually stimulating powers of figs date back to ancient Greek times, when seasonal crops were celebrated in a frenzied copulation ritual. Drizzle your figs with honey, the nectar of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and you have a double whammy in the aphrodisiac department.

Chocolate - Seratonin stimulation

As if we need an excuse to indulge in chocolate, amiright? As far back in history as the Aztec period chocolate has been hailed as the perfect romantic fuel, and has been associated with the Goddess of fertility. Chocolate with a high cocoa content is not only good for the heart but it also contains tryptophan, which makes our brain secrete seratonin. Seratonin = feeling good, feeling good = a night of passion. Yes, the science may be dubious, but you know you want to indulge.

So excite your lover's senses with some of the foods on this list, and we hope it brings you great joy in the bedroom!

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