Music to get you into the mood - featuring "#1 smooth"

Music is "as good as sex"

Though music is "as good as sex" - based on research from the McGill University, Montreal into the brain's reaction to listening to a song for the first time - nothing beats the combination of music and a steamy encounter. For the brain this must feel like double dipping!

The 40 best smooth songs to get you in the mood

We have gathered the best 40 smooth songs to get you into the mood and keep you going. Whether you are alone or with a partner, find yourself a cozy spot, light a scented candle and get inspired by the tunes.

Doris Nyx's first Spotify playlist

For the one's to get into the mood and don't have a lot of time, Be My Baby by The Ronettes is 2:38 minutes.

For the one's who want to savor the moment you have 2 hours and 53 minutes .. and the option to put the music on repeat.

In case you need the perfect candle to set the mood just have a look here.