Too much choice - which lubricant is right for me?

Though nature has endowed women with the talent of getting wet when aroused, there are situations where this is not the case (a quickie with no time for foreplay, stress, lack of sleep and hormones among them) or when you don't produce quite enough to make sex as pleasurable as it should be. At times like this a bit of lubricant is just what you need. It is also a great product to use with love toys and condoms to avoid any unpleasant friction.

In general there are three main types of lubricants, plus three 'special effects' categories:

  1. Water-based
  2. Silicone-based
  3. Oil-based
  4. Flavoured water-based
  5. Special backdoor (anal)
  6. Hybrid and stimulating

1. Water-based lubricants - the perfect all arounder

These are the perfect all-rounder lubricants. Although thinner than the other options, they can be used on all sex toys regardless of material and with all types of condoms. There is also no limit to the kind of play you can have using this lubricant - vaginal, oral or anal. The product is easy to clean up as it dissolves in water and does not leave any stains.

Downsides: Water-based lubricants dry out rather quickly when exposed to air, so they are not ideal for hand jobs as they can feel tacky or sticky over time. To keep them slippery you will need to reapply the product more often. With their water soluble characteristics bath tub play is not so much fun with them either.

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2. Silicone-based lubricants - for water fun

Silicone based lubricants are great for all kind of water fun: in the pool, under the shower or in the bathtub. They do not absorb or evaporate, making them ideal in 'challenging' conditions. If a silicone lubricant feels a bit dry you can revive it easily with a drop of water or saliva. To remove silicone-based lubricant just wash in soapy water. They are safe to use with all types of condoms.

Downsides: Silicone-based lubricants cannot be used with silicone sex toys - the micro beads in the silicone structure rub against each other and destroy the texture. Using these lubricants in oral sex might leave an unpleasant coating on the inside of the mouth. Silicone-based lubricants may also leave stains.

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3. Oil-based lubricants - handle with care

These lubricants can be petroleum based (think Vaseline or baby oil) or natural oils (olive oil, coconut oil etc). The petroleum based ones are much thicker than silicone and water-based lubes, making them ideal for non-latex anal toys and backdoor fun. While the product qualities make oil-based lubricants a great product for male masturbation there is a risk that they irritate the female vagina and should not be used for vaginal penetration.

Downsides: Oil-based lubricants (all kinds, including the natural ones) deteriorate latex products, such as latex condoms, rubber toys, diaphragms and cervical caps, shortly after first contact. There is a high risk of staining any kind of fabric with oil-based products.

We don't stock any oil-based lubes at this stage.

4. Flavoured water-based lubricants - lip licking good

Add a little bit of flavour to your love making with these lubricants. Ideal for licking them off your partner, it is not necessarily ideal to use them for penetration. A lot of flavoured lubricants contain glycerin or sugar to make them taste the way they do. These ingredients can alter the pH-level of the female vaginal tract, thus weakening its resistance to bacteria and infections.

If you would like to use a flavoured lubricant with penetration - our Sliquid Swirl products do not contain any sugar, just a tiny trace of aspartame to sweeten the taste. These products should not cause thrush, UTIs or general yeast infections.

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5. Anal lubricants - with a little twist

Anal lubricants are thicker and more long lasting than vaginal or oral lubricants. The often have ingredients such as Benzocaine that have a slightly numbing sensation which makes anal penetration less painful, or include ingredients that relax the sphincter muscles. Benzocaine will also numb other areas, so try keeping it away from, for example, your mouth and only apply to the area you would like to numb.

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6. Hybrids and stimulating lubricants - glide with a twist

Hybrid lubricants are a combination of water-based lubricants with a small bit of silicone to make them slippery just a little bit longer. Different to pure silicone lubricants they are generally safe to use with any type of sex toy and condoms and can be used for vaginal intercourse as well. Just make sure you clean your toys well after use.

There are also stimulating lubricants that have ingredients added to create a warming, cooling or tingling sensation to yourself or your partner. Be careful when using these lubricants for the first time as they can be very intense. In this case "less is more" - start with a small amount and test the reaction before applying more.

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