10 Sexy things to do on a rainy day

Like in the movies, nothing can be more intense than a steamy kiss in the rain.


Take a long hot bath - alone or with someone special. Light a few scented candles to make it even more sensual.


Wearing nice underwear will make feel sexy. It doesn’t matter if your outer shell might be very unsexy with a raincoat and gum boots, it is what is close to the skin that counts.



Go for a long walk with somebody special! Then come back home and warm up together ..


Cuddle up in a chair and read some sexy books. Read them on your own or read your favourite passages to each other.


Put on bright red lipstick and smile at your sexy self every time you walk past a mirror!


Cook something to warm up from the inside and lighten the mood. All balanced with a nice glass of red.


Get cosy in bed with someone and listen to the rain .. and see what happens.


Enjoy a long lavish lunch, then walk around an art gallery with sexy pictures for inspiration (for example the Lindsay Norman Art Gallery in the Blue Moutains, NSW).


Have fun … with yourself. Take some time to explore yourself and love your body!


To sum it all up - 10 Sexy things to do on a rainy day:

1. Kiss in the rain

2. Hot bath

3. Sensual lingerie

4. Long walk

5. Sexy book

6. Red lipstick

7. Food for the senses

8. Cuddle in bed

9. Naughty art

10. Me time