Pelvic floor boot camp

We all know that women are experts at multi-tasking. But did you know that you can effortlessly improve your sex life while running some errands, doing the shopping, or taking the dog for a walk?

Your vagina's personal trainer

It's not as mysterious as it may sound. All you need is a pair of Ben Wa Balls, also called Geisha or Kegel balls, even Love balls. They are not so much sex toys, as their main claim to fame is not stimulation. They are your vagina's personal trainer by dramatically strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. You may have been focusing on improving strength in your biceps and quadriceps, but from now on you should incorporate your pelvis into your daily routine. And here's why.

Better sex, quicker recovery after giving birth and stronger bladder

 By strengthening your pelvic floor, you will experience more sensitivity during sex and highly improved odds of a quality orgasm. Recovery after child birth becomes easier, and it prevents bladder weakness - a condition which is not just inconvenient and embarrassing, but rather unsexy too. As an added bonus, your partner will enjoy the tighter feeling during intercourse.


15 min workout: tight pelvic floor muscles

Firm up your pelvic floor without breaking a sweat

  1. Start with emptying your bladder.
  2. As if inserting a tampon, place one ball at a time inside the vagina, leaving the removal string on the outside. To make it easier, lubricate the balls or lie down when inserting them.
  3. Hold the balls in by first squeezing your leg muscles, then your pelvic floor muscles. Your vagina will feel "full", but you will quickly get used to the sensation.
  4. Wear them at home to  start with. As your pelvic floor gradually becomes stronger, you can safely do your pelvic floor boot camp while shopping or walking the dog, the balls won't fall out. The important thing is to keep moving. If the balls have slipped a little too low for comfort, calmly readjust in the bathroom.
  5. To remove the balls, lift up one leg and gently pull the cord. If you have balls that don't have strings cough, or do a couple of jumps. There you go, exercise done.

Keep the balls in for 15 minutes in the beginning. You can soon work up strength to hold them in for up to four hours.


Simply use while doing your daily chores

It's so simple. All you need is 10 to 15 minutes a day while you're getting on with the chores of the day. The balls have little rotating weights inside them, and their rotation stimulates the muscles of the surrounding muscle tissue to contract. Encased by a smooth, skin-friendly silicon or similar material, the balls are easy to insert, but do apply a mild lubricant if necessary. It helps if you empty the bladder before insertion. You can use different weights and sizes, starting perhaps with a single ball or the smaller sized ones until you get more familiar with the exercise.

Be careful with sudden jumps

To start with, you will experience a feeling of fullness and notice the balls pushing down, but you soon get used to the sensation. If you can't feel the balls inside you, they are fitted correctly. Just be aware that sudden jumps can cause the balls to fall out, especially in the beginning before your pelvic floor muscles have gained strength, or if you jump without tightening the pelvic floor muscles first. It may be prudent to stay at home and avoid physical activity the first few times you use the balls, while you're getting used to them and until the muscle tone has improved.

A few minutes or several hours - the choice is yours

As mentioned, it only takes a few minutes of your day to get all the benefits of the workout, but you can actually wear the balls for several hours a day if you wish. There is no risk the balls will 'disappear' into your body. And know that you know how quick, easy and beneficial it is to strengthen your pelvis, hop to it and start your training straight away. Your sex life will thank you for it.

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