5 Sexy ways to light a room

5 Sexy Light Ideas Kissing Me Napie Moksin

Image by Napie Moksin

Do you want to add a bit more excitement to your love life? Are you over just lighting some candles to get into the mood? It is easy and cheap to play around with light to create a different atmosphere. Once you have set the scene ... let your imagination run wild! 

Proper lighting can not only enhance how a room looks, it can set moods and manipulating emotions. Just remember the basic principle that the hardness or softness of light will effect a mood dramatically. We have gone out and gathered some ideas for you on how to create different sensual sexy moods.

1. Romance “The Classic”

When you ask around, this is probably the light setting most people will go for. Romantic lighting is always a safe bet. Low light and subdued colours create a relaxed and intimate feel and the soft light flatters a person’s features. Lower your lights overall, keep upper walls dark and hide light sources.

2. Teasing Shadows “9 ½ weeks Style”

Light streaming through blinds against a wall can create the perfect backdrop for a striptease. Get some inspiration from Kim Basinger in 9 ½ weeks. Or use a sheet (or the bath curtain), put a light behind it and start to undress slowly.  A nice striptease is not limited to females - think Chippendales!

3. Change The Colour “Back to the 80s”

Soft billowing curtains and a electric-blue light in the background will make you feel like a movie star in the 80s. Add some songs with synth beats to complete the setting. 

Top Gun blue lights kiss

4. Play With Fire

Dim flickering candle light will highlight skin and body in the best way and creates a cozy warm mood. Use at least five candles to make it work. Place some candles in front of a big mirror to enhance the effect even further. Open fireplaces (wood or gas) provide the flickering effect of the candles and provide some additional warmth. Just place a nice minky blanket (or a big fur if you have it) in front of it and have fun.

Romantic fire

5. The Places In-between

And finally, don’t restrict your lighting to the living room or the bedroom. If you move between rooms you don’t want to be blinded by the bathroom or kitchen light. No matter how you set the scene in the main room, place a small lamp on the kitchen bench or some candles in the bathroom to illuminate the space and create some intimacy.