8 Things to do outside in the dark (A game of dare at Vivid Sydney)

As we head into winter, the days may be getting shorter, but this means the nights are getting longer! Instead of missing the additional daylight hours you can use the darkness to add a bit of fun and creativity to your relationship. How about taking your significant other on a journey of “Dare” as you are out and about in the embrace of darkness. The Vivid Sydney Festival on this May and June, would be the perfect place to share this daring adventure!

We have put together some sexy dares to do in the dark for you, ranging from 1 (timid) to 8 (daring). How far will you go?

1. Kiss

Let’s start with an easy dare - kiss your partner! Not just a quick peck on the lips like saying good-bye, but one of those long lingering deep and meaningful kisses. Pull your partner into a secluded dark corner or behind a tree and feel the passion and excitement when you kissed for the first time.

2. Lead the way

Have one person close their eyes - or use a beanie pulled down or a scarf to cover the eyes for the more daring people - and let the other person gently take the lead. Let your senses focus on the touch of the other person’s hands, the air caressing your face and hair and the sounds surrounding you. Instead of leading the person, it is also possible to gently embrace the person and hold from the side, using the body and voice to guide. Where will you go? That is up to you.

3. Take silhouette pictures

Use a light or light sculpture as the background and take pictures of your partner. Move them so that your favourite parts are being clearly displayed in the silhouette! Pout the lips, flick the hair, stick out the bum .. whatever works for you.

4. Take pictures of body parts

Taking silhouette pictures was easy, but how about “exposing” yourself? Most likely you are wearing a couple of layers, but find a way to show a bit of your stomach, your inner thigh, your neckline. The face is not required. Position it so that a light source picks up beautiful lines and take pictures. The coolness of the night, the caress of the light and most likely other people watching should send stimulating shivers down your spine.

5. Have your shadows take over

Sometimes it is easier if you can watch instead of doing yourself. In this dare let your shadows do things while you “observe”. Stand in front of a light which casts good shadows. Then have your shadows start taking over - let them embrace, strike sexy poses and do whatever you can think of. It’s not you .. it’s them!

6. Add a bit of vibration

Do you need a bit more stimulation? Take a Glow in the Dark Bullet Vibrator to show the way (or choose a non-glowing Rocks Off Bullet Vibrator for the more timid ones among us) and gently touch the erogenous zones through your clothing or let it slide under them. Seven different settings on these little things will for sure find a mode that will get you going.

7. Increase the sensation

Is outside stimulation not enough? Insert a Remote Controlled Vibrator and let your partner take over. Find inspiration in flashing lights or the music played at the pub you are walking past - or just find your own rhythm. Tickle and tease from the inside .. until it is hard to hold back.

8. Do the wild thing

Have you skipped straight to this dare of have the previous ones build up the excitement that you just can’t hold back? Just a few things to keep in mind before things get going, as you really don’t want to get caught and fined for “indecent behaviour in public" while having steamy fun: find a secluded space, do it standing up (no reason to get a cold behind at this time of the year) and have an exit plan in place in case someone suddenly shows up. This dare is not for the faint of heart, but it is for sure a lot of fun!