Love thyself, Sister - The joy of masturbation


Explore your body and your sexuality

As with happiness, you and only you are responsible for your orgasm. In order to be able to communicate to a partner what turns you on, you need to have done your own research. Yes, exploring your body and your sexuality is something you can and should do, and not allow societal taboos to interfere.

Practice makes a good lover

Woody Allen famously said "I'm such a good lover because I practice a lot on my own." This may well be true, but masturbation for its own sake has a lot going for it too. Did you know, for example, that masturbation at bedtime can help you settle into a good night's sleep, while a little self love in the morning can energise your whole day?

I'm such a good lover because I practice on my own a lot. Woody Allen

The safest kind of sex

The safest kind of sex is not, as the joke goes, putting the handbrake on, but you guessed it - masturbation, as it avoids exposure to sexually transmitted diseases. It also eliminates the risk of unwanted pregnancy by about 100 per cent. Of course, there are many people who simply don't have a current sex partner, whether by personal preference or by circumstance.

Masturbation = medicine cabinet!

Self stimulation and orgasm activate natural chemicals and hormones in your body with positive health benefits, both physically and mentally. These opioid-like neurotransmitters are the body's own healers. Who needs a medicine cabinet when a little self love can relieve stress and muscle tension, reduce pain and aches, ward off cramps and tingling, and even keep depression at bay?

Time for a solo expedition

Socially, masturbation has long been regarded as an unavoidable part of being a male. But us women have plenty to gain from it too. Apart from the already mentioned health benefits, masturbation can ease a woman's pre-menstrual tension and relieve menstrual pain as the blood flow to the vagina increases. But perhaps the most important aspect is learning to love your body and embrace your own sexuality through a little solo expedition into the beautiful, free and untamed wilderness of your most sensitive body areas.